Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Find out in more detail how we help and our frequently asked questions. Can’t find an answer to your question then please contact us.

How are you different from other insurance brokers?

Samson Insurance Services, a brokerage founded in the 1970s, provides a wide range of domestic and commercial insurance and specialises in property insurance. Founded by Henry -father and run today by Sam, Samson is a true family-run business with a dedicated team of support staff.

Our sister company, Henry Dony Associates, is engaged in loss assessing so we understand how policy wording performs when it really matters. This insight enables us to choose the right policy for each and every client, Our experience as Loss Assessors benefits our broking clients when they have to make a claim. Whether or not the claim warrants our loss assessing services, clients have peace of mind knowing that they will get everything to which they are entitled. We are proactive in advising our clients on how to improve security on their property so as to avoid the need to make a claim

Why do I need High Net Worth Home Insurance rather than Standard Home Insurance?
Larger properties with higher valued items, require bespoke cover to make sure the right protection is in place, Standard household insurance is more likely to be purchased online or over the phone and therefore does not capture the correct sums Insured required and could result in being under Insured.
I am having building work done at my home do I need to tell my insurer?

You’ll need to tell your insurer about any changes or alterations you’re planning on making to the structure of your home. Things like extending a room, adding a conservatory or doing a loft conversion.

Your insurer doesn’t need to know about cosmetic changes to the interior of your home, like painting the walls, re-tiling your bathroom or putting up some shelves.
Why do I need to Value my Contents?
To make sure you are fully covered by your policy. Some insurers will provide coverage for contents up to a certain limit, you would need to calculate the value of your homes contents to ensure you are fully covered.
Do you offer tailored Home Insurance products/packages?
Yes, we do offer a personal service, we can visit your property where required to ensure you get the right cover for your property contents and valuables, Please get in touch either by telephone: 01923 225201or email:
How do you calculate your building sum insured?

To calculate how much you should insure your property for, you need to calculate the rebuilding costs of your home. This is the amount of money needed to rebuild your home from scratch.

When calculating this amount you will need to take into account the price of labour and materials as well as the cost of the site clearance. The calculation should also include any outbuildings/ sheds boundary walls located on your property.

Who is responsible for arranging building Insurance for Leasehold or Tenanted blocks of Flats?

If you own a leasehold flat, you may find that your freeholder has already taken care of building insurance for the property. Many freeholders buy buildings insurance themselves, then charge leaseholders a share of the cost through their service charge.

But there’s no guarantee that your freeholder has arranged buildings insurance, so you’ll need to check the lease or have your solicitor check on your behalf. If the freeholder hasn’t arranged cover, you’ll need to get your own buildings insurance.

If there are multiple flats in the building, you might find it’s easier (and possibly cheaper) to club together with the other leaseholders and buy a policy. Plus, it will ensure that the whole building is insured and has the same level of cover.
Who needs buildings Insurance for a flat?
If you own the leasehold on your flat, the landlord (the freeholder) is responsible for insuring the building. But before you buy the leasehold, you’ll want to make sure the building is covered in case of disaster
Do I need Director & Officers cover as a director to manage a portfolio of flats/properties?

Yes, If you acting as a landlord or management company and make a decision that causes a financial loss, then you may find yourselves sued personally by a resident or a third party. Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance provides protection for the legal liability of individuals. This is against claims for financial losses by residents or third parties. These may arise from errors or omissions made by Directors and Officers of the Management Company or Residents Association.

Directors and Officers’ liability insurance is a policy solely for the resident’s representatives. It is there to protect them in the same way as a firm of solicitors would have Professional Indemnity insurance to protect them. Should an incident occur, that may give rise to a claim for financial loss, it is not unusual for legal action to be taken against all parties involved. This includes the Directors and Officers of the residential managing agents or Residents Association, both as a group and individually. To discuss your requirements please get in touch either by telephone: 01923 225201 or email:

What is covered under building insurance within a block of flats policy?
It covers the cost of repairs to the fabric of your building if it is damaged by what is known as the insured perils such as fire, storm, flood and many other risks.
Can you arrange travel Insurance for those over 80?
Yes, we do please get in touch to discuss your requirements, either by telephone 01923 225201 or email:
Do you arrange travel Insurance for clients with pre-existing medical conditions?
Yes, we can offer Travel cover with pre-existing medical conditions, please ensure that you answer all questions accurately. Failure to declare all medical conditions may invalidate your policy and result in claims being rejected or not fully paid, Please get in touch to discuss this either by telephone 01923 225201 or by email:, We will be happy to assist.
Can you provide cover for single self-build projects?
Yes, we can please get in touch to discuss your requirements, telephone 01923 225201 or email:, we will be happy to assist.
I have purchased some land which I intend to eventually develop should I Insure this?
Yes, you should you can get a public liability cover, as you could still be held liable if anyone is injured on your land and sued for their injuries. It doesn’t provide cover to protect structures on the land.
Are tools covered in vehicles and overnight?
Many construction policies will provide cover for theft of items of plant/tools in a vehicle provided that force is used to gain entry, but this may depend on whether the vehicle is in a securely locked building or guarded security park.
What is the difference between a bona fide Subcontractor and Labour only Subcontractor?

Labour only subcontractors’ are generally sole traders, small companies, casual labourers family members or volunteers and are (if paid) generally paid on a day rate. They may not hold adequate PL Insurance.

A Bona Fide Subcontractor are generally a professional trade firms. They send their employees to the site, but the Employer has no direct contractual relationship with those employees. The contractual relationship is with the trade firm and not their employees.

What projects require renovation Insurance?

If you are doing structural work that is not a self-build or new-build project, you are likely to need commercial or home renovation insurance, this includes,

Conversions, such as lofts, basements and lofts


Internal home renovations

What does renovation Insurance cover?

Cover under a renovation Insurance policy will vary from policy to policy, but the following are common features under this type of policy,

Cover for work in progress and any structural renovation, this may or may not include the risk of structural damage to the existing property as a result of the building works.

Cover for damage or loss of building materials, plant equipment and tools used during the renovation works.

Public Liability is an important consideration whilst building works are in progress and it is designed to offer protection against claims from visitors to the site or members of the public who may be injured or have their property damaged.

If you move elsewhere for the duration of the renovation, your empty property is especially vulnerable to the unwelcome attention of thieves, vandals and others – that is why renovation insurance typically covers these additional risks to an unoccupied property;

Due to the nature of renovation works overrunning, most renovation policies are flexible and can be easily extended.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements, either by telephone 01923 225201 or email:
Do I have to notify my current Household Insurers of the work being completed?
Yes, you must tell your current Household Insurers or any changes or alterations you’re planning on making to the structure of your home.
What does buildings Insurance cover provide under a property owners policy?

Building insurance can cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your property if it’s hit by a disaster like a storm, fire or flood, or if it’s damaged by something like vandalism or subsidence. Property Owners building insurance is designed to protect your rental property from these risks.

Property Owners insurance covers the permanent, physical structure of your property, including the walls, roof and floors. If a disaster like a flood, fire or storm hits your property, your building insurance can cover the repair or rebuild cost.

The exact cover will vary from Insurer to Insurer, but you’re usually covered for risks like subsidence, vandalism, and escape of water too.Please get in touch to discuss your requirements, either by telephone 01923 225201 or email:
Are my tenant’s contents covered?
Your tenant will need to arrange their contents insurance to cover their personal possessions.
Can I Insure multiple rental properties under one policy?
Yes, there are many different policies available that allow you to Insure more than one rental property under one policy, having a single policy that can cover all properties in your portfolio, means you only have to renew a single policy each year. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements, either by telephone 01923 225201 or email:
Do I need Professional Indemnity cover as a director to manage a portfolio of flats/properties?
It is advisable, claims could be made against your property management company for professional negligence or a loss-causing breach of contract, for example, a tenant claims you made a mistake which in turn led to their eviction or an employee sends out an email containing sensitive information to the wrong person.
What is Landlords Insurance?
Landlord insurance is a cover that protects landlords from risks associated with their rental properties. Included within most policies are buildings, and contents (not tenants’ contents), they can also include cover such as property owners’ liability, loss of rent and tenant default insurance.
Do I need Directors and officers cover as a director to manage a portfolio of flats/properties?

As a landlord or property owner

We recommend that you get in touch to at least discuss your requirements either by telephone 01923 225201 or email:, being a director of a management company can personally expose you to financial risk.

If you make a decision that causes financial loss to someone, this could be a leaseholder or a contractor, you could be held personally financially liable.

The same also applies if you fail to comply with regulations, you could be held personally liable for breach of these regulations.

Why do I need business Insurance?
You need business insurance to protect you against the everyday risks that come with your normal business activities. Insurance can cover you against mistakes, accidents, theft, damage and legal fees, but the exact cover you need depends on the business you run and how you run it.
What type of business Insurance do I need?
The type of business Insurance you need will depend on your business activities, law requirements and your assets, we would be happy to discuss your requirements, please get in touch to discuss your requirements, either by telephone 01923 225201 or email:
Do your business Insurance policies address the key risks faced by my business?
Yes our policies can be tailored to meet your needs for your business, please get in touch to discuss your requirements, either by telephone 01923 225201 or email:
What do I need to consider before buying Professional Indemnity Insurance?

It’s important to give accurate information when building your quote to make sure you’re getting the right cover for your business. Here are some of the questions you’ll be asked when you buy professional indemnity insurance online:

Are you a sole trader or a limited company?

Does your business deal with members of the public?

Do you work with clients or customers?

Do you handle data or intellectual property?

Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance can be an important cover for a range of businesses, from Accountants, Architects, Surveyors and Consultants, who must have professional indemnity cover to operate legally. It’s particularly popular with businesses that provide advice or a professional service because it can cover you if your work leads to a financial loss for your client. Some client contracts will require that you have a certain level of professional indemnity cover.

Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, the cost of defending yourself against claims for negligence or mistakes that leave your client out of pocket can be very high. You might need professional indemnity insurance if you:

provide a service

give advice

handle sensitive data

What professions do you cater for?
Our speciality Professions are Property Management, Property Owners, Architects and Surveyors, but please get in touch to discuss your requirements, either by telephone 01923 225201 or by email:
How much Professional Indemnity Insurance do I need?
The Professional Indemnity Insurance cover required does vary from profession to profession, so please get in contact to discuss your needs, either by telephone 01923 225201 or email:

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