Portfolios made simple

Do you have a property portfolio where each property is insured with different insurers, with different terms, at different premiums and with different renewal dates?

Samson Insurance Services specialises in producing a single policy for all commercial and residential properties within a portfolio which brings numerous benefits for our clients including:

  • Uniformity of policy terms and conditions
  • The convenience of a single renewal date for all policies
  • Better terms for cover and premium
  • Minimal impact of individual claims
  • If a property in the portfolio has specific issues or adverse features, insurers will often accept it at normal rates
  • Premium collection from lessees / tenants is much more straightforward, and we can invoice lessees and tenants directly saving you time and effort
  • With less administration, our clients can focus on building their portfolio, rather than on insurance issues

For more information, please contact Sam Dony by telephone on 01923 225 201 or by email at info@samsoninsurance.co.uk