How we have helped our clients

To give you a taste of the tailored, proactive advice we offer to all our clients, we have given some examples below of some of our recent work. To find out more please get in touch.

Simplifying insurance for a large portfolio
Our client had a large portfolio of commercial properties covered with different insurers on various terms. He was paying too much for the insurance cover, had an administrative headache and was unwittingly in breach of policy conditions.

How we helped
We brought the insurances under one policy, with wide policy wording which both brought down the premiums and improved the cover. We engaged with our client’s property managers to help them fulfil policy warranties and streamline the administration, leaving our client free to devote his time to things he loves more than insurance.

Advantages of a truly bespoke service
Our clients were introduced to us after realising that having taken out their home insurance policy on-line they were missing out on professional advice.

How we helped
We reviewed their home insurance and discovered that their premiums were too high. Their general contents were underinsured and their jewellery was over insured. We helped them ‘take stock’ of their possessions and arrive at accurate replacement values so that they would not suffer a reduced settlement in the event of a claim. We advised them on obtaining appropriate jewellery valuations as well as how to use safes and safety deposit boxes to bring down their premiums without compromising cover.

Specialist advice in unusual circumstances
Our client’s beautiful large detached house has a dairy farm at the bottom of the garden. On a hot summer’s day the farmer’s cows seeking shelter trampled the boundary fence and spoiled thousands of pounds worth of fencing, flowers and shrubs.

How we helped
Fortunately we had advised our client to include garden cover under his policy so he was fully reimbursed by his insurers. Sadly, one of the cows ate some Yew leaves and died. The farmer sued our client for the death of his cow, but we assisted the client in defending the action under the policy’s liability cover.

Relieving the pressure from our client
Our client inherited a variety of commercial and domestic properties. The hitherto old fashioned approach to dealing with insurance matters was overwhelming our client.

How we helped
We advised our client on obtaining professional fire insurance valuations in order to fulfil their legal obligations. We established direct invoicing of tenants in order to reduce the administrative burden on the landlord. We dealt directly with our client’s tenants to ensure that they paid their premiums on time and remained on good terms with their landlord, our client.

Providing advisory role to our clients
Our client, a social club with bar and function rooms, received a claim from a “no win no fee” Solicitor on behalf of a member of the public who alleged that she tripped on a hazard and was suing for damages.

How we helped
We advised our client on how to obtain CCTV and other evidence and witness statements. We encouraged our client to contest the claim. We collated the evidence for them and liaised with insurers resulting in the Solicitor withdrawing the claim and safeguarding our client’s reputation with their insurers.

Proactive help and advice within short timescales
Our clients’ dream home came up for sale at short notice but the property had a history of subsidence. Our clients had a narrow window of opportunity in which to satisfy the demands of their mortgage company and the impatient vendor whilst not exposing themselves to financial risk by buying a property which could suffer from subsidence in the future.

How we helped
We discussed with our clients the options of taking over the vendor’s insurance policy as opposed to taking out a new policy. We liaised with our client’s conveyancing solicitor to ensure that the policy we sourced would satisfy the stringent requirements of the mortgage company. We worked with our clients to fulfil the insurance company’s requirements regarding surveys and remedial works to drains and vegetation.

Going over and above for every client
A business owner approached us with a view to getting a more competitive premium for his business insurance.

How we helped
Rather than simply quoting against his existing cover we met with the prospect and gained a good understanding of his requirements and the risks facing his business, from both physical and liability perspectives. We pointed out a number of short-comings in his existing cover such as a maximum indemnity period for Business Interruption of only 12 months. We advised that it was prudent that this should be 36 months. We were able to provide better and more appropriate cover – and at a lower premium.

A proactive, caring approach
Our clients’ home insurance renewal was coming up and we noticed that they had not had their jewellery valued for a long time despite us reminding them in previous years that it was vital to do this to make sure that they were not underinsured. We put them in touch with a few valuers and they increased their sum insured. A few months later they were burgled.

How we helped
We had clearly advised our clients to make sure that a valuation had been carried out so as to avoid underinsurance. The claim was settled for what the jewellery was worth as they were fully insured.

Ensuring no stone is left unturned
Our client’s conservatory had been damaged following heavy snowfall over a period of days. Although our client believed that they had experienced a snow storm and insurers would pay for the damage, the insurers rejected her claim saying that the damage was not covered under their strict definition of storm damage.

How we helped
We had advised the client at renewal that he should also have accidental damage cover. The client had listened to our advice and therefore had this cover at the time of this claim. This benefited him as he could claim under accidental damage when strictly speaking there was no storm.

The claim was settled in full.

Ensuring you are always covered for the unexpected
Our client tripped over a chair accidentally spilling make up on her expensive carpet.

How we helped
We had advised our client to include accidental damage cover in her home insurance policy to protect herself fully against just the sort of incident described above. We progressed the claim quickly to obtain for the client everything to which she was entitled.

Treating each case on an individual basis
We were approached by someone with a historic fraud conviction. He told us that no insurer was willing to give him cover for his buildings and contents.

How we helped
We spent time with him understanding the nature of his conviction. Only once we fully understood our client and the potential risk he presented did we look through our extensive contacts with insurers and initiate discussions with underwriters. We were able to secure cover for his buildings and contents at a realistic premium and with no conditions relating to his conviction.